Condom (Female)

  • 79 - 95 % Effective
  • STI Protection
  • Single use

What is the (female) condom?

The female condom is a soft pouch made of latex or polyurethane, that has two flexible rings at each end. It is inserted into the vagina or anus before having sex.

Fpv Female Condom
photo of female condom

How effective is the (female) condom?

If used correctly, every time you have sex, it is 95% effective at preventing pregnancy. Given mistakes might happen, such as incorrect use or slippage, it might only be 79% effective.

What stops the (female) condom from working?

Female condoms might not work if they are:

  • Used incorrectly
  • Past their use by date
  • Torn when opening packet

How do I use the (female) condom?

Always check the use by date. Squeeze the closed-end of the condom and insert the condom into the vagina. The opening of the condom spreads outside the vagina.

illustration of female condom inserted inside vagina

There are instructions on each pack. You can use (female) condoms with water, oil or silicone-based lubricants (lube). Lube is a jelly-or liquid like material.

Guide the penis inside the condom as it can sometimes slip under the condom. If the penis slips under the condom, there is no protection from pregnancy or STIs. If the condom slips or bunches up when the penis goes inside, use more lubricant.

Only use a condom once and throw it away into a bin (not down the toilet). To avoid pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections, put the condom on before the penis touches the vagina or anus.

How does the (female) condom work?

The condom works by preventing ejaculate (cum) from entering the vagina or anus. The condom can prevent both pregnancy and sexually transmissible infections (STIs). The condom also protects the penis from STIs. Use a new condom every time you have sex .

Where can I get the (female) condom?

(Female) condoms can be difficult to get and are expensive. They may be available at family planning clinics, sex shops, some pharmacies/chemists, and online.

What is good about the (female) condom?

The condom:

  • Protects against sexually transmissible infections (STIs)
  • Is easy to use
  • Has little or no side effects
  • Can be bought without a script
  • Can be used with any type of lubrication
  • Can be inserted hours before having sex

Are there any side effects from using the (female) condom?

  • They can occasionally cause irritation of the vagina, penis or anus.

Can the (female) condom cause any serious health problems?

There are no known serious health risks from using the female condom.

Reasons why the (female) condom might not be a good option for you:

  • Cost is an issue (they are around $3 each)

What if I forget to use a (female) condom?

You may need emergency contraception if you forgot to use the condom or other contraception. (Check with your doctor, nurse or pharmacist).

What happens if I get pregnant while I’m using the (female) condom?

It is safe to continue the pregnancy or to have an abortion.

Can I use (female) condoms after I’ve had a baby?

You can use condoms any time after giving birth.

What else should I know about the (female) condom?

  • Wrap used condoms in tissue and thrown away safely. Do not flush condoms down the toilet.

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Last updated: 28 June 2018