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Box Hill clinic

Melbourne CBD Action Centre clinic

To support our clients during this time we offer tele-health appointments for those unable to visit our clinics

You can book online for these types of consultations:

  • Oral contraception prescription (the Pill)
  • STI testing
  • HIV & hepatitis testing and referral
  • Reproductive and sexual health vaccinations
  • Contraceptive options
  • Cervical screening (if you're over 25)
  • Pregnancy testing and advice
  • Common gynaecological and vulva conditions
  • Menopausal conditions and referral
  • PrEP
  • Implanon insertion, removal and changeover.

If there isn’t an online appointment available please call for an appointment.

For IUD insertion (Mirena or Copper), diaphragm or abortion services, please call 1800 013 952 and our friendly staff will help you.

And remember:

  • You can only book appointments for yourself, not for other people.

Our clinics provide advanced training for doctors and nurses

At your appointment, you may be seen by a qualified health professional completing advanced training with us.

An FPV staff doctor or nurse will always be present to provide supervision.

Please call our friendly reception staff if you need help to understand what this means for you.

Need help? Call us on 1800 013 952