Doing 'IT': A sex education podcast for parents & carers

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Doing ‘IT’ is a podcast from the Family Planning Victoria Schools Education team. This podcast is for parents / carers and teachers of school aged children to help navigate the world of Relationships and Sexuality Education. Discussion topics include: bodies; being safe; puberty; sex; sexual health and relationships.

All of our episodes are available as downloadable transcripts below.

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Episode #1 Welcome to Doing 'IT'

Introducing Doing 'IT'. A new and exciting podcast from Family Planning Victoria Schools Education Team.

Listen to the experts as we discuss all things Relationships and Sexuality Education. Including: bodies; growing up; being safe; puberty; sex; identity; relationships; sexuality & sexual health.

We know some parents / carers find it difficult to have conversations about these topics with the young people in their lives. Having open honest communication is going to empower young people to look after themselves in life and relationships.

Doing ‘IT’ will provide tips and resources to help parents / carers and teachers in starting or continuing these conversations.


Episode #2 What is Puberty?

FPV Schools educators Anne & Bonnie discuss puberty. What do young people want to know? When do parents / carers need to talk about this? What are the changes that happen in puberty? These are really common questions that we will answer in this episode.


Episode #3 Taking care of your body

As a young person goes through puberty they are likely to want more independence privacy. They will need to understand the basics of how bodies work and how to manage changes like body odour and pimples.

In this episode family planning Victoria Schools Educator Sue talks about what young people need to know about taking care of their own body.


Episode #4 Body Image and Puberty

This episode about young people and body image is part of a series on puberty.

As young people go through puberty, their body is likely to go through some big changes. In this episode FPV Schools educator Andrea will talk about how to support your young person to feel good about the body they are in as they navigate these changes.


Episode #5 Sperm Production

This discussion about sperm production is part of a series on puberty.

FPV Schools Educator Rael explains what we would say to students about bodies starting to produce sperm sometime during puberty.


Episode #6 Periods

This episode about periods is part of a series about puberty.

FPV SChools Education Manager Bonnie talks through the really common questions that young people have about periods. How they work, myths and realities, talking about and managing periods.


Episode #7 What is sex?

In this episode Athi and Anne discuss how to talk about sex with young people. Talking about sex is something that is part of our classes from mid primary school alongside discussions of puberty. Parents and carers might find it difficult to know what to say. Athi shares some wisdom to help start or continue these conversations at home.


Episode #8 What is Masturbation?

Parents and carers often have questions about how much interest young people might have in masturbation and what they should say about it.

Anne has recorded this episode on her own.


Episode #9 Cognitive Disability and Puberty

In this episode Anne speaks to Kardie for the Schools and Community team at FPV. Kardie works with young people with cognitive disability to help guide them through puberty and having respectful relationships. We talk about what young people with cognitive disability need to know about puberty, when they need to know it and how this is the same and different to their neuro-typical peers.