Family Planning Victoria has over 50 years in training schools and students on consent and respectful relationships.

In response to calls for action from women such as Grace Tame, Chanel Contos, and Brittany Higgins the Victorian Government's recently mandated consent be included in your curriculum, which has left many principals wondering how best to implement this topic successfully and with the greatest impact.

Family Planning Victoria (FPV) can help support your school in taking proactive steps towards promoting young people’s understanding of, and ability to experience healthy and respectful relationships. FPV offers a range of relationship and sexuality education (RSE) services to help you implement best practices.

In our experience, young people have direct and explicit questions about sex and sexual consent throughout their school years and for some teachers, it can be difficult to answer for a range of reasons.

At FPV we can help you build a whole-school approach to teaching consent with confidence. Consent education is not only about teaching young people how to identify problems in relationships but also about having the skills to negotiate positive, pleasurable, respectful sexual experiences if or when they feel ready.

Family Planning Victoria offers:

  • Direct student delivery of RSE by our expert educators
  • Training for teachers to be confident in teaching RSE to students
  • Parent/carer sessions for the school community
  • Online resources and tools for teachers to use free of charge

We encourage everyone to think more broadly about relationship education and implement a whole-school approach. It is FPV's firm belief that relationships and sexuality education is a shared responsibility between school, home, and community.

FPV offers training courses for teachers, the disability sector, youth and community workers, in addition to sessions for parents and carers. Our training provides the skills and confidence to be part of the conversation. FPV also has an RSE podcast ‘Doing It,’ which has over 40 episodes available for download.

We encourage you to explore our website and listen to our podcasts doing it to learn more about consent, sex, and healthy relationships.

Contact us today to discuss how we can be supporting you and your students on teaching consent and respectful relationships on 03 9257 0191 or email