IHP consists of a range of health promotion activities to be delivered in three geographic locations (based on areas of sexual and reproductive health disadvantage), and a number of activities that responded to the needs of individuals from disadvantaged or marginalised groups (with a particular focus on young people). IHP goals are:

  • to improve the sexual and reproductive health literacy of young people
  • to provide expert advice, consultancy services and support, on young people’s sexual and reproductive health, to primary care providers.

Integrated Health Promotion Activities 2013-17

The following activities are currently being implemented at Family Planning Victoria to achieve these goals:

  1. Implement a Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) professional learning model to Victorian school teachers in three Local Government Areas
  2. Develop an online RSE Schools Portal promoting a whole school approach to the delivery of RSE across all Victorian schools
  3. Develop a Reproductive & Sexual Health (RSH) digital platform for young people
  4. Develop a suite of RSH resources for organisations who work with marginalised young people
  5. Publish and distribute an evidence based health promotion resource to support SRH promotion activity within the Victorian primary health sector
  6. Develop a Service Coordination Guide for primary health care providers on Improving access to reproductive health services for young people
  7. Establish a web portal for provision of data, interpretation and commentary by Local Government Areas (LGAs)
  8. Provide information sessions and advice to primary care organisations
  9. Provide regular updates to primary care organisations on developments in young people’s sexual and reproductive health
  10. Develop a process to maintain the currency of Family Planning Victoria Resource Centre collection
  11. Develop SRH Easy English resources in response to current issues
  12. Conduct three Reproductive & Sexual Health seminars annually in different Department of Health regions
  13. Maintain the Family Planning Victoria website.

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