Sex in the City — Young People’s Sexual Health

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Thu 21 Oct 2021 Online Open now
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Wed 1 Dec 2021 Online Open now

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This course has the same content as the ‘Young People’s Sexual Health’ course for organisations, but this is for individual professionals, rather than organisational staff group bookings.

Course Content

Are you a youth and community worker?

  • Do you feel confident talking to young people about their sexual health?
  • What age do most Australian young people become sexually active?
  • What does non-binary or cisgender mean?

This course is delivered by experienced nurse educators currently working with young people in both educational and clinic settings.

The eLearning package requires participants to complete an online module and two case studies prior to the live classroom date. The live classroom component will be presented online via Zoom: participants will join our presenters in a virtual classroom from 9.20 am to 2.30 pm for an interactive session from their own device. The face-to-face classroom is usually 9.15am–4.30pm.

Regardless of the mode of delivery, a certification at completion is provided for participants and all participants can access an online resource package for 6 months after the classroom date. This package contains further information and downloadable content to use with young people.


  • An overview of sexual health for young people
  • Key considerations when working with young people, including:
    • Access to reproductive and sexual health services.
    • Sexually transmissible infections and blood borne viruses.
    • Contraceptive options.
    • Unplanned pregnancy pathways.
    • LGBTQA+ resources and referral pathways.


This course is free and only available to professional individuals working in the Victorian youth and community sector.

Eligibility criteria

This course is intended for individuals working in youth and community organisations that support young people outside of the mainstream secondary school settings or at-risk young people aged 12-25. This may include, but is not limited to, young people who: are in out-of-home-care settings; attend alternative education settings; are affected by homelessness; are affected by substance use; identify as LGBTQA+.

* For nursing staff please see the following link for equivalent courses:

Professional learning for nurses & midwives

* For medical staff please see the following link for equivalent courses:

Professional learning for doctors

Please note that the content covered in this course is intended for individual professional registrations and covers the same material as our Full Day Young People’s Sexual Health courses for a group of staff from a youth and community organisation.

*To be eligible for registration you must be employed within Victoria.

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Presented online via Zoom

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