Join our free e-learning session and live webinar dedicated to practice nurses who support IUD Inserters, hosted by Family Planning Victoria and sponsored by Bayer.

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Training Includes:

  • Pre-access to online information on IUD insertions/video prior to the event
  • Live Zoom Webinar

This course provides a 1-hour pre-webinar e-learning module accessible via our dedicated training platform to be completed before the 2-hour live webinar on the 11th of May.

Content Overview

  • Set up for IUD insertion
  • Support during IUD including how to manage:
    • Pain
    • Vasovagal
    • Cervical Shock
  • Immediate post-procedure care
  • How to manage post insertion queries (case studies)
    • First few days
    • After 6 weeks
    • For the rest of the IUD’s use

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