Relationships and Sexuality Education for Students with Disability – Australian Curriculum

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Participants of this online learning course will explore the ways they can assist young people with cognitive disability to access accurate and developmentally appropriate Relationships and Sexuality Education.

The course will examine current knowledge and methods of best practice in this area.

Learning Intentions

Participants will:

  • develop an understanding of the pedagogy surrounding Relationships and Sexuality Education for Students with Disability (cognitive)
  • explore FPV’s Relationships and Sexuality Education for Students with Disability resource and its practical application in the classroom
  • develop strategies to support all students accessing the curriculum within their classroom
  • develop strategies to answer questions with confidence
  • establish methods of dispelling anxiety and maintaining effective communication with parents/carers
  • acquire specialist activities/resources to support teaching and learning in the workplace

Relationships and Sexuality Education for Students with Disability Resource

Family Planning Victoria’s (FPV) resource provides educators working with students with an intellectual disability with a comprehensive, age- and developmentally appropriate set of relationships and sexuality education classroom materials.

The resource contains practical and authentic learning activities that scaffold learning from Level 1a through to Levels 9-10 of the Australian Curriculum and utilises Boardmaker® images to support student understanding.

9 modules are included:

  • Body Awareness
  • Public and Private
  • Feelings
  • Identity
  • Protective Behaviours
  • Puberty
  • Conception to Birth
  • Relationships
  • Sexual Decision Making

The resource has been developed with the expertise of FPV Relationships and Sexuality Education educators, as well as through expert advice from teachers and leaders at specialist schools.

Online learning details

  • 6-hour course with certificate upon completion.
  • FPV online learning courses are developed by experienced sexuality educators.
  • All curriculum materials and learning activities provided are aligned to the Australian Curriculum including Level 1a.
  • This session is designed for school staff (pre-service teachers/teachers/aides/welfare) and school nurses working within mainstream and specialist school settings.
  • This course can be used to meet the VIT requirements of PD related to the Victorian Government’s Special Needs Plan and building teacher capacity to teach learners with disability.


$250 (GST does not apply)


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