The In Class Professional Learning Program aims to promote the knowledge, skills, confidence and tools needed to drive a whole-school approach to sexuality education. This is achieved by providing professional learning to teaching staff in their own classrooms. Based on research, and recommendations for best practice, this program is built on the evidence that In Class Professional Learning is a robust and immediate way to impact teaching practice.

An FPV educator works alongside teachers, modelling, facilitating and supporting the delivery of a 3-session sexuality education program. Three lessons for each class are conducted using structured, focussed and age-appropriate activities from FPV’s Relationships & Sexuality Education Portal, which are mapped to the Victorian Curriculum.

Program Outline

Preparatory Session (2 hours)

  • Introduction to the program
  • Aims, reflections and expectations
  • Pedagogy, theory, policy and guidelines
  • Values in sexuality education
  • Preparation and Planning for Lesson 1.

Classroom & Reflection Sessions (Total 6 hours)

  • First lesson – demonstrated by the FPV educator
  • Second lesson – team taught
  • Third lesson – teacher leading with FPV educator supporting.

Each lesson is followed by a one hour reflection and planning session, which has a specific professional learning focus.

Who would benefit from this course?

Suitable for teachers in primary schools and secondary schools.

Family Planning Victoria is able to offer the ICPL program at no cost to up to 5 eligible Government schools. In order to be eligible for this, schools are invited to request an expression of interest form to confirm that:

  • The school's Leadership Team is committed to developing a whole school approach to relationships and sexuality education
  • The learning gained through participation in the ICPL program will be extended through the school's commitment to train other staff within the school
  • The school can identify how the context of its student population makes participation in the ICPL program a priority for the school (e.g. SFOE, CALD, EAL, OoHC sexual and gender diversity).

To request an expression of interest form, please click on the Enquire button below.


No cost for eligible schools (please see above).

Schools wishing to participate in the ICPL program that are not eligible for the no cost service can purchase it at a cost of $1,200.00 (GST free) for the first teacher. $600.00 (GST free) for each additional teacher.

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