Implanon NXT Education and Simulation Practice - eLearning and video link simulation

Fees apply

Course Date(s)

Course Date(s) Duration Location Availability
Wed 13 Oct 2021 7pm-8.30pm 1.5 hours eLearning + 30 mins Zoom Open now
Thu 28 Oct 2021 7pm-8.30pm 1.5 hours eLearning + 30 mins Zoom Open now
Wed 17 Nov 2021 7pm-8.30pm 1.5 hours eLearning + 30 mins Zoom Open now
Mon 29 Nov 2021 7.30pm-9pm 1.5 hours eLearning + 30 mins Zoom Open now
Wed 8 Dec 2021 7pm-8.30pm 1.5 hours eLearning + 30 mins Zoom Open now


Course Overview

Implanon NXT education and simulation practice at FPV consists of one hour and 30 minutes of eLearning education followed by 30 minutes of Implanon NXT insertion and removal simulation practice on model arms under supervision via live video link. It is run by experienced Implanon NXT clinical educators.

The education session will cover aspects such as:

  • Composition and mechanism of action
  • Efficacy
  • Side effects including bleeding patterns and guidance of management
  • Patient suitability, contraindications and medication interactions
  • Timing of initiation of contraception
  • Insertion procedure, including anatomical considerations
  • Removal procedure
  • Reinsertion procedures
  • Post procedure patient advice
  • Advice for complex implants such as deeply inserted implants
  • Expert tips

“The online simulation was so helpful and saved me a lot of travel time. All aspects were very well organised.”

— 2021 participant

“Real time feedback on my technique for insertion & removal was very useful and great for troubleshooting.”

— 2021 participant

"The whole course was well above my expectations."

— 2021 participant

Who should attend

1. Doctors

2. Nurses and midwives: this session is offered as a prerequisite for the Implanon NXT Insertion and Removal Training Course for Registered Nurses & Midwives.

Entry requirements/Eligibility

AHPRA registration as a doctor, nurse or midwife.


Participants will receive a certificate of attendance for Implanon NXT education and simulation practice. The session includes feedback on simulation procedure technique but does not include a formal competency assessment. The certificate may be used as evidence of attendance of training.


4 RACGP CPD Activity points apply (2020-22 triennium)


eLearning theory and live video simulation practice individual sessions: $150 (Cost includes return postage of simulation equipment. GST does not apply).

  • Please see above for the live video simulation practice dates and times.
  • eLearning component is to be completed prior to the live video simulation practice session.
  • The simulation equipment will be posted to your home address.

Interstate participants are encouraged to contact your local Family Planning Organisation.


If you would prefer to register for this course delivered with eLearning theory and onsite simulation, please click here

Course registration requires full payment of the course fees unless other arrangements have been made with the course coordinator.

Simulation equipment for this course is provided by the manufacturer of Implanon NXT (MSD).