Fertility and Assisted Reproductive Treatment (with teaching resource)

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Participants of this online learning course will explore ways to provide information on all aspects of fertility - including factors that promote and inhibit fertility, infertility, and assisted reproductive treatment as part of a comprehensive Relationships and Sexuality Education program.

Learning Intentions

Participants will:

  • develop knowledge, confidence, and skills to support the teaching of fertility and assisted reproductive treatments with young people
  • reduce shame and stigma associated with being conceived through assisted reproductive treatments by including discussions around sperm, egg, and embryo donation or surrogacy when teaching conception
  • identify methods of best practice in Relationships and Sexuality Education to support a whole-school approach
  • develop strategies to answer questions with confidence
  • acquire specialist activities/resources to support teaching and learning in the workplace.

Fertility and Assisted Reproduction Teaching Module for Primary and Secondary Schools

This teaching module contains practical and authentic learning activities that scaffold learning from Levels 3-10 of the Victorian Curriculum.

This resource has been developed with the expertise of Family Planning Victoria (FPV) Relationships and Sexuality Education educators in conjunction with The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) and YourFertility, as well as through expert advice from teachers and educational leaders.

Online learning details

  • 2.5-hour online course with certificate upon completion.
  • FPV online learning courses are developed by experienced sexuality educators.
  • All curriculum materials and learning activities provided are aligned to the Victorian Curriculum.
  • This course is designed for school staff (pre-service teachers/teachers/aides/welfare) and school nurses working within school settings.


Free for all teachers and educators