About individual counselling 

Family Planning Victoria specialise in counselling individuals with a cognitive disability who display sexualised behaviour of concern.

We work with individuals with cognitive disabilities, including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and acquired brain injury, within the mild to moderate range where a sexualised behaviour of concern is driven by a lack of / gaps in sexual and relationship knowledge. 

Our individual program is based on a six session model of counselling. 

Where referral to individual counselling is not suitable or practical, we can offer Cognitive Disability Secondary Consultations (Professional Advice) to provide advice and guidance as well as assistance with behaviour management.

What is a sexualised behaviour of concern (SBoC)?

A sexualised behaviour of concern is a sexualised behaviour that is against the law, causes harm to the individual or others, is threatening, or causes concern to others. This behaviour often stems from a lack of, or gaps in, sexual and relationship education resulting in poor knowledge and understanding. 

Natural sexual exploration or an isolated incident may not warrant referral to our service.

How much does individual counselling cost?

For people who have an NDIS plan, counseling costs $175.57 per hour and must be written under the line item of Behaviour support or Therapeutic support. If you would like an FPV counsellor to travel to you, please ensure that you have travel costs included in your NDIS plan.

If your geographical area is yet to change to NDIS, the Disability counselling service is funded by the Department of Health and Human Services and is provided at no cost to the individual.

Who can refer clients to individual counselling?

  • Health professionals
  • Family
  • Community workers
  • Carers
  • Educational professionals
  • Self.

What is the referral process?

  1. Discuss the referral with the individual, and parents/ guardians/ carers and gain consent prior to contacting us.
  2. Phone the Disability Intake Worker T/ 03 9257 0131 to discuss specifics of the case and eligibility.
  3. If the referral is appropriate, the individual will be placed on the waiting list.

Will my client be given priority?

Priority will be given to individuals who present with the most urgent needs. Priority will be considered where the individual:

  • is under the age of 12
  • is engaging in sexualised behaviour that places them or others at risk of imminent harm
  • is engaging in sexualised behaviour that places them at imminent risk of losing a service such as school, accommodation or day program
  • requires counseling prior to another service starting.


Services are provided at our Box Hill location for clients of all ages, and from the Action Centre in Melbourne’s CBD for people under 25 years.

What other services does Family Planning Victoria provide?

Family Planning Victoria can also provide fee-for-service options tailored to suit specific learning needs, including: