This short online course is designed to focus on copper IUD insertion for practitioners who are already inserting hormonal intrauterine devices.

Course Content

  • Copper IUDs available, advantages and disadvantages
  • Practice points for general practice copper IUD insertion
  • Medical Eligibility for copper IUD insertion
  • Pre-insertion and consent
  • Copper IUD insertion technique
  • Post insertion check-up
  • Copper IUD removal and reinsertion
  • Quiz

Who would benefit from this course?

This course is primarily for IUD inserters who offer hormonal IUDs and would like to also offer copper IUDs. It may also be of interest to IUD inserters who currently insert copper IUDs and would like an update.

Practitioners who are enrolled in the IUD insertion course (2020 and onwards) are not recommended to register for this course because the content is similar.

Practitioners who do not insert IUDs but who would like to discuss this option with their patients prior to referral for insertion may also be interested in this course.

Entry requirements/eligibility

This course is open to doctors, registered nurses and registered midwives


This course is not accredited but a certificate will be issued that participants can use as evidence for self-recorded activity for CPD.


$50 (GST does not apply)