Course Date(s)

Course Date(s) Duration Location Availability
Mon 5 OctWed 7 Oct 2020 3 days eLearning & Box Hill Fully booked
Mon 7 DecWed 9 Dec 2020 3 days eLearning & Box Hill Limited places
Mon 22 FebWed 24 Feb 2021 3 days Box Hill Open now

Course overview

This course delivers the theoretical and clinical knowledge required to become a nurse cervical screening provider. Course content is based on the Australian National Cervical Screening Program.

Course components and time commitment

  • Face-to-face training: three days (100% attendance required). Includes lectures, demonstrations, workshops, group work and role-play.
  • Tutor client session: 45 minutes within face-to-face training days.
  • Online learning and assessment: to be completed within three months of the face-to-face training.
  • Development of clinical competency in providing cervical screening through clinical placements with a Victorian Preceptor Program (VPP) approved preceptor. A minimum of five unassisted cervical screenings are required to meet competency. A final assessment occurs with a Family Planning Victoria (FPV) approved preceptor and must be completed within six months of the face-to-face training.

Tutor client session

This 45-minute session provides an opportunity to practice new clinical skills in a supported learning environment.

Tutor clients are employed by FPV to role-play the part of a client presenting for cervical screening. You will perform a cervical screening consultation, examine the vulva, pass a speculum and mimic taking a cervical screening test. Sessions are facilitated by an FPV clinic nurse.

Tutor client sessions are a valuable learning opportunity and provide a unique three-way feedback process between all parties: facilitator, tutor client and student.

Tutor client sessions are held during the face-to-face training. Attendance is compulsory.

Course content

  • Anatomy, physiology and pathophysiology in relation to cervical screening.
  • The impact of Human papillomavirus.
  • Primary and secondary prevention of cervical cancer and population-based screening.
  • Cervical screening consultation and communication skills.
  • Screening vulnerable and diverse populations.
  • Management of results and your medico-legal responsibilities.

Entry requirements / Eligibility

  • Registered nurses (Division 1) and registered midwives (Division 1) from all States and Territories are eligible to complete the course.
  • Evidence of current national registration through Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency (AHPRA) will be required as part of registration process.
  • At least one-year of post qualification health care experience.
  • FPV requires a National Criminal History Check (Police Check) to be conducted prior to all students completing clinical placements.
  • Training may be considered for other health care professionals. This includes Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and/or practitioners and enrolled nurses (Division 2).
  • Cervical screening: Nurse scholarships
    Cancer Council Victoria offers financial assistance for Victorian Registered Nurses (Division 1) to become cervical screening providers. For more information please visit the Cancer Council Website.

Who would benefit from this course?

Registered nurses and midwives wanting to provide cervical screening.


Total Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours: 24


$1675 (GST free), including morning and afternoon tea.


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