Easy English

Family Planning Victoria has a range sexual and reproductive health factsheets available in Easy English format.

These are written in an easy to read way and use pictures to explain ideas.

Click on the links below to download and print the factsheets. If you can't print them, phone us and we can send you them in the mail. Call (03) 9257 0131.



Cervical Screen Ee

Produced by the Cancer Council in plain english format.

About our clinics

Courses Supporting People with Cognitive Disability

Autism and Sexuality (For Professionals)

This education session is designed for professionals who support young people with Autism and want to develop skills on the topic of sexuality.

Sex and Sexual Decision Making (For Individuals with Cognitive Disability)

education sessions are for individuals with cognitive disability (including intellectual disability, autism spectrum disorder and acquired brain injury) over 16 years old.

Sexuality and Cognitive Disability: Having the Talk (Parents & Carers)

For parents and carers of young people with cognitive disability to help develop your skills in providing information around sex, bodies and relationships.

Last updated: 20 March 2019