Relationships & Sexuality Education: The Basics for Parents & Carers

Dear Parents & Carers,

This time last year our dedicated educators would have been delivering a robust program of Relationships and Sexuality Education (RSE) at your school. And while we have all adapted to new ways of working and studying due to COVID-19, we have not been able to deliver our regularly scheduled RSE programs. We are aware this means many young people will be missing out on important information about how to keep themselves safe and healthy. Most importantly, they may be missing the opportunity to learn important information about bodies, relationships, sex, sexuality and how to ask for help if they need it.

We’re here to help. Our educators have created this helpful RSE Basics Cheat Sheet for parents and carers to help you teach the young people in your household the basics of Relationship and Sexuality Education.

Consider this your helpful starter to a lesson plan. While this is not comprehensive, this cheat sheet can help you kick off conversations and engage interest in learning more about this important topic. Feel free to skip ahead or discuss additional topics with your child.

Download the cheat sheet, listen to our podcast Episode #30 for more information on the relationship and sexuality education that every child, at every grade level should have access to here.

We look forward to being able to work with your children again soon.

Stay safe.

To share this information via email or a school management system follow the links below:

Download this letter

Download the cheat sheet

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