Parents and Carers Podcast Doing 'It' | FPV Podcast

Parents and Carers Podcast Doing 'It' | FPV Podcast

Parents/carers are often considered to be the primary educators when it comes to relationships and sexuality education. But, through FPV’s experience, many parent/carers feel reluctant to engage with their young people in these important conversations.

Whilst research suggests that parents/carers don’t require specialist sexual health knowledge and information to be effective educators for their children in this space, this perceived lack of knowledge and information is often cited as a barrier when initiating discussions with their children. Research into parent/carer effectiveness as RSE educators highlights the importance of families in fostering environments which allow for conversations to take place.

In order to support parents/carers to foster safe and supporting environments for conversations, and to feel confident and knowledgeable around initiating and facilitating these conversations, the Schools Team produced this podcast called Doing ‘IT’. This podcast discusses all aspects of sexuality and relationships, by providing tips and tricks on navigating conversations and insights into how to answer questions with confidence.

Episodes cover topics including bodies; growing up; being safe; puberty; sex; identity; relationships; sexuality & sexual health. FPV has drawn from expertise within the organisation, and has also drawn on other experts within the field, including:

  • Associate Professor Christopher Fisher, Australian Research Centre in Sex, Health and Society
  • Jenny Walsh, Relationships and Sexuality Education
  • Dr Fida Sanjakdar, Monash University
  • Miller Sodding, Minus18
  • Holly-Ann Martin, Safe4Kids
  • Jayneen Saunders – Educate2Empower
  • Vanessa Hamilton – Talking the Talk
  • Fiona Katauskas – The Amazing True Story of How Babies are Made

Doing 'It' has been very well received by the community and has also proven to be popular amongst teachers by providing them with professional development in this space and allowing for them to hear how FPV educators would model these discussions and answer student questions in age- and developmentally appropriate ways.

Since its launch in May 2019, there have been 355 downloads of the podcast. 261 of the downloads have been from Australia, with 62% of downloads from Victoria, and 24% from other states across Australia. Internationally there have been downloads from the Unites States, Spain, the United Kingdom and France.

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