Family Planning Alliance Australia - Position Statement on RSE in Schools

Family Planning Alliance Australia - Position Statement on RSE in Schools

The Schools Team at FPV have worked in conjunction with the FPAA to develop a Position Statement on RSE in Schools. 

The FPAA’s Position on RSE in Schools outlines that:

  • Governments should fund, implement and evaluate mandatory comprehensive age and developmentally appropriate RSE programs for all schools, as well as community programs for young Australians not engaged in schools.
  • Principals and other education managers should provide opportunities for regular professional development in order to increase teaching competence and boost teacher confidence to deliver RSE. The compulsory inclusion of adequate RSE training should be offered to all pre-service teachers at the tertiary level across Australia.
  • Australian Curriculum documents should provide sufficient detail so that teachers know what topics they need to address at the appropriate time in the students’ development. Adequate teaching and planning time should be allocated to teach the topics effectively.
  • Support for a whole school approach that integrates action across three key domains;

    (i) Teaching and learning: what is taught and how it is taught.
    (ii) School environment and ethos: policies and physical and social environments that contribute to the ethos of a school environment.
    (iii) School-community partnerships: partnerships that recognise the influence of the family and relevant agencies and their role in supporting RSE and reinforcing learnings.

  • Support for parent and carer programs to develop their capacity to support age and developmentally appropriate discussions about relationships and sexuality, including the development of personal safety skills for children and young people.
  • Getting input from school nurses, local reproductive and sexual health and relevant community service providers to supplement (not replace) the role of classroom teachers in delivering the program.

For more information, view the FPAA's Position Statement on RSE in Schools on the FPAA website.


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