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  • Answers to the most Googled questions about sexual health

    We recently spotted a piece in Cosmopolitan on the most Googled sexual health questions and two of our experts produced some helpful answers to the top three searches.  1. What happens at a sexual health screening? What happens... Read More

  • Family Planning Victoria presents Splash

    Family Planning Victoria is proud to launch Splash – a new and improved program supporting young people of diverse sexes, sexualities and genders, formally known as YAK. Splash aims to support LGBTI young people to improve their... Read More

  • New Sexual Health Physician starting in October 2017

    The Action Centre will now offer a referral based sexual health physician service, specialising in Adolescent Sexual Health, Postpartum Women, and general women's reproductive and sexual health including sexually transmissible infections,... Read More

  • Action Centre reopens it's doors in Melbourne's CBD

    Family Planning Victoria’s Action Centre in Melbourne’s CBD has been providing reproductive and sexual health services for over 30 years. Recently it has undergone a major refurbishment and we are excited to announce our re-launch of... Read More

  • Exciting changes to the Action Centre

    Family Planning Victoria's Action Centre will be closed for major refurbishment from July 28 until late September 2017. Family Planning Victoria’s Melbourne CBD clinic, the Action Centre, has been providing young people under 25 with... Read More

  • Exciting times ahead for RSE in Victorian schools!

    Two new and important pieces of Government legislation have been released that will help to guide the future of RSE within schools across Victoria.  The Victorian Public Health and Wellbeing Plan 2015–2019 has identified improving... Read More

  • Implanon NXT training for doctors, nurses and midwives

    The contraceptive implant (Implanon NXT) is a highly effective, convenient and rapidly reversible contraception.  It is PBS listed and lasts 3 years which makes it one of the more affordable methods. The implant is suitable for women of... Read More