Family Planning Victoria has a focus on reproductive and sexual health care, education and advocacy.

Our vision is improved reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing for everyone in Victoria and beyond.

Our purpose is to strengthen the primary care and community-based service system to deliver reproductive and sexual health services and support people to make decisions about their reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing that are right for them.

Governed by a voluntary board of directors, Family Planning Victoria has been providing services to the Victorian community for over 50 years and remains an independent, not-for-profit, all-choice organisation.

Our vital role in the reproductive and sexual health status of Victorians is underscored by investment in service development, information provision and the delivery of training and education.

Whilst partially funded by the Victorian Government, Family Planning Victoria also generates revenue through fee-based education and training programs and the sale of resources. These funds are used to improve our services.

Family Planning Victoria works in partnership with a range of local, regional and national organisations, including universities, Women’s Health Centres and other Family Planning Organisations and is associated with International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF) and Family Planning Alliance Australia (FPAA).

Last updated: 5 June 2016